About Select Fruits

At Select Fruits, we don’t just buy and resell produce. We offer a whole range of services to help growers and retailers increase their revenue.

We take great pride in bridging the gap between fabulous growers and serious retailers in Romania. Here’s how:

We carefully select our grower partners with quality in mind, then help them expand their business in the European market by providing complementary services which take care of every aspect they might need resolved, be it customs, proper storage or logistics.

As our retail partner, you can relax knowing that your shelves will always (and we do mean always!) be stocked with the freshest looking, greatest tasting products all year round.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to streamline the produce supply chain from growers to consumers.

The three main values we are deeply committed to are professionalism, trust, and fairness. Thanks to these principles, we have proven to be a reliable partner for growers and a one-stop solution for retailers. We hereby thank all our collaborators for trusting us for the past eight years and we are eager to keep on building solid connections.

Exemplifying Professional Excellence: From Farm to Retail.

Professionalism is the foundation of trust, and it begins with our relationships with growers and extends to our partnerships with retailers. With growers, it means fair and transparent dealings, empowering them to thrive. For retailers, it translates into the assurance of reliable sourcing, quality products, and a seamless experience. Our dedication to professional excellence is relentless, ensuring that the journey of our fruits and vegetables, from the treetop to the store shelf, is marked by efficiency, integrity, and a shared vision of success for all stakeholders involved.

Building Trust, One Fresh Delivery at a Time.

Trust is at the core of our relationships with growers and retailers. We operate with transparency and fairness, building trust with every transaction. Our commitment to ethical partnerships and open communication is the foundation of our every single accomplishment.

Fairness Fuels Our Growth, Together.

Fairness means fair pricing, equitable opportunities, and transparent relationships. It’s about ensuring that everyone benefits from their association with us. We strive for a future where our victories are a reflection of the success of those we work with. This principle isn’t just a commitment; it’s a promise to nurture partnerships built on trust, integrity, and mutual growth. It’s the foundation upon which we forge lasting, impactful connections within the industry and beyond.

Our team

More than 100 highly valued men and women work tirelessly to make sure quality is top notch and deadlines are met. With a proven track record in the fruit and vegetable business, they are the very backbone of our operation and are structured into a four main departments:

Trade & Sales

they hand pick our growing partners from five continents, then offer flexible deals to local retailers, be they national supermarket chains or specialty stores.

Logistics &

they unload the goods, sort them and store them accordingly.


they issue a very informative and punctual quality report, including photos of products after their trip to Romania and offer grades to fruits & vegetables.

Finance &

taking care of bookkeeping and the afferent bureaucracy of importing fruits and vegetables into the European Union.


Our certifications serve as a testament to our dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards.

Food safety and quality system

IFS 2025

IFS certification is a rigorous process that evaluates various aspects of a company’s operations.


Farm management system

Global GAP

The agricultural products are produced in a safe and sustainable manner, taking into account factors such as environmental conservation, worker health and safety, and product quality.


Environmentally friendly and socially responsible

BIO 2025

BIO 2023 certification ensures environmentally friendly, socially responsible production, supporting biodiversity and the well-being of consumers and farmers.


Quality management system

ISO 22000

By adhering to ISO 22000, we make good on our promise to deliver safe and high-quality food products.


Food safety management system

ISO 9001

By implementing ISO 9001 standards, we have enhanced our operational efficiency, reduced errors, improved customer satisfaction, and established a foundation for sustainable growth and success.